Dec 282013

I’m half-way through the TARDIS chart. With the busy-ness of the Christmas season, I didn’t find as much time for knitting this Bigger on the Inside shawl as I had thought I would.

Plans are in the making for New Year’s Eve knitting–watching movies with my hubby and many hours of knitting (I’m thinking another movie marathon would be fun, but we’ll see what we decide).

So…have you guessed what my new blogging tool is yet? I’m using it to write this post! An iPhone! I’m *finally* joining the ranks of smartphone owners! Yay me! I love how easy this is to use and am excited to be able to post more frequent updates like this for you to see how my works in progress are coming along.

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and I wish for each of you, dear readers, a very happy new year!

Happy knitting!

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  1. Yay! It’s looking great.

    Have fun with your new phone ;)

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