Apr 252013

Blog Launch

That’s right! I’m officially launching my blog!

My mission:  To expand my own knitting knowledge and share with you what I’ve learned along the way.

In honor of this new start I’ve decided to give one lucky winner a pair of Katelyn mitts, hand-knit by yours truly.


Katelyn Mitts, Ladies’ S/M
Hand-knit with 100% Peruvian Highland wool

This is the short version with 3 leaves.  They’re very cute and perfect for springtime! The coloring is off a bit in my photo…I just couldn’t get the lighting right. It probably didn’t help that I was trying to photograph dark green mitts on a dark brown ottoman. :)  I think the actual color is a lovely shade of deep moss green. Very woodsy.

100 Facebook Likes

This past week my Facebook page reached 100 likes! It’s so fun to see the numbers rising again thanks to Blogelina‘s blog networking! By the way, I’ve learned a lot in her Blogging Basics Class this month! I’m working on my weekly blogging goals as I try and figure out exactly what I’m doing now that I have a self-hosted WordPress blog.

In honor of all my Facebook “fans,” I’ve decided to give another lucky winner a pair of my Early Morning Mitts, also hand-knit by yours truly.


Early Morning Mitts, Ladies’ S/M
Hand-knit with 100% Peruvian Highland wool

This is a long version of my soon-to-be-published-on-Ravelry Early Morning Mitts pattern. They come up just past mid-forearm on me. This makes them arm warmers too! :) The marine blue color has a gray undertone to it that doesn’t show in my photo. Reminds me of the Pacific Coast along Washington and Oregon.

But that’s not all folks!

I really like odd numbers.  So even though two is my husband’s favorite number, I can’t just stop at two prizes.

Therefore, my Grand Prize winner will receive this lovely hand-knit Moss Stitch Cowl. (Do I need to say I made it myself? I didn’t think so.)


Moss Stitch Cowl or Infinity Scarf, one size
Hand-knit with 100% “Superwash” Merino Wool

This cowl or infinity scarf is a beautiful example of moss stitch.  I love the doeskin heather colorway…you might call it a light taupe. Wear it like a scarf tucked under your jacket, pin it to the side with a pretty brooch, or wrap around your neck for the cowl-like look.

Giveaway Details and Rules:
  • Enter to win one of these three awesome hand-knit gift-prizes in the widget at the bottom of this post.
  • Be sure to leave a comment on this post to validate your entries. I moderate all comments, so I’ll know if you don’t!
  • Giveaway ends at midnight CST on May 2, 2013.
  • The winning names will be drawn on May 3rd. I will announce the winners in a blog post, and winners will also be notified via email.
  • If a prize is not claimed within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Best of luck and best wishes to you all!

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  1. Yeah! Congratulations, you’ve been working hard, I know. Have a great “spring” Thursday!

  2. Fun stuff and congrats on the 100 likes. Do you ever make larger hand warmers? Pretty sure a s/m wouldn’t fit me.

    • Thanks, Patty! Yes, I do make larger ones when I know the recipient has larger hands. If you win and they don’t fit, these mitts would be a lovely gift for you to give to someone special. :)

  3. Looking forward to following your blog. Patty made me aware of your blog on facebook.

  4. Love the gifts you are giving…I have a cowl,(thank-you) and the fingerless mitts,(thank-you). So because I’m Mom..does that mean I’m not eligible. :)

    • I suppose, Mom, since I make you stuff all the time, we could let someone else win these, huh?! Love you!

  5. I don’t knit but I want to learn how. I think that this ‘might’ be a craft that I can do. I used to crochet but stopped when I crushed my left hand and was unable to do any of my crafts or sewing any longer. But people have told me that I might be able to knit so I am going to try it.

    • Belva, I knit and crochet both. When I only crocheted I frequently had problems with sore hands and wrists. But I don’t have that now that I mostly knit. I hope you find it’s not as hard on your hands too!

  6. Oh BTW, your mother has shared all about this and she is so way proud of you Stephanie. :-)

  7. These are all so lovely! I wear mitts all the time at work because my hands freeze. And the moss stitch cowl is beautiful and looks cozy. I love that you are blogging about knitting; it’s creative and useful for everyone (especially Minnesotans). :)

    • Thanks, Amanda! I agree knitting is an especially useful skill to have when our Minnesota winters seem unending. At least we can stay warm!

  8. *waves* hi, steph! love the things i’m seeing on your ravelry, etc. manda was excited to get her mitts on your pattern (pun fully intended) for the katelyn warmies. this is almost enough to make an old lady put down her crochet hooks and learn how to do this lovely craft/art. i do fear my general lack of coordination and ability to impale myself on sharp objects, though…. someday i, too, will become a knitwit!

    • Hello to you too! Crochet hooks are loved here too! No need to put them down. At least not permanently! :) I love the possibilities of being able to do both so of course I recommend you give knitting a try!

  9. I have been knitting for years, and while I’m not up for really complicated items, I love making little gifts for friends and family. You have created some lovely patterns that look fun to knit!

    • Welcome, Karen! It’s nice to have a quick and easy project to knit when I don’t feel like thinking hard or need a gift quick! I enjoy the challenge that knitting can be too. :)

  10. It is loading now. The crawl is awesome.

  11. I don’t knit but I wear knitted things. :) Would love to be a winner!

  12. Congrats on the success of your blog. Its already fabulous. Good luck with your 100 likes. You already got my support!

  13. I don’t knit, I have many other crafty things that keep me happy.

    • Stephanie, I enjoy other crafty things too! Knitting just happens to be my favorite! :)

  14. I have knitted a little, but would like to learn more. I crochet a lot but haven’t been able to for a few years. I would love to crochet hats for my girls. Congrats on the blog!

    • Thanks, Steph! I bet your girls would love having special hats made just for each of them! I designed a crochet hat that’s adorable…in 0-3 month size, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make it bigger! Writing up a pattern for it is on my to-do list, so be sure to watch for it!

  15. Cool site, never could get the hang of knitting or crocheting, do you also sell items or just the patterns? 3

    • Hi, Anna! I tried selling items on Etsy, but I found that making items to sell is not nearly as rewarding and enjoyable to me as knitting the things I want to make. So now I’m focusing on designing my own items and selling the patterns. And I feel the same way about sewing…just can’t seem to get the hang of it! But I try it every once in a while anyways! :)

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